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Client: Al-Muayjii Fort, Abu Dhabi

As part of a drive for Abu Dhabi to position itself as a cultural centre in the Middle East, a number of different conceptual site layouts for this important and historic monument were visualised and animated.

Client: The Deep, Hull, UK

This project involved modelling and animating a number of Coelacanths which pre-date dinosaurs by millions of years and until recently, were thought to be extinct. They are seen swimming on a series of three plasma screens in a ‘real world‘ underwater viewing tank. A later addition was a Pacific Giant Octopus.

Client: Attica Zoological Park, Greece

The brief for this short film was to visualise what is now broadly accepted as the origin and evolution of our universe. The Big Bang theory was born of the observation that other galaxies are moving away from our own at great speed, in all directions, as if they had all been propelled by an explosive force nearly fourteen billion years ago.

Client: Heugh Gun Battery, Hartlepool, UK

Throughout the entire duration of WW1, this historic site marked the only engagement between the British coastal defences and the ships of the Imperial German Navy. A detailed reconstruction of one of the three attacking German Battleships (SMS Seydlitz) and a diagrammatic site plan were produced.

Client: The Deep, Hull, UK

Working in conjunction with a small team, this project involved creating a CG animated sequence that depicted a short voyage down to the fictional deep ocean base of Deep Blue 1. Modelling, texturing and animating a believable futuristic submarine and underwater city was required which was then cut into live action footage.

Client: TTE, Middlesbrough, UK

An animated sequence for an industrial training interactive showing the chemical processes involved within a Distillation Column.

This page details a selection of some of the CG artwork and animations that have previously been produced.

Projects and or clients include the following:

  • Al-Muayjii Fort, Abu Dhabi
  • BAE Systems, UK
  • Beatles Experience, UK
  • Attica Zoological Park, Greece
  • BOC, UK
  • Caesarea Development Corp, Israel
  • Chemring, UK
  • Concorde Experience, UK
  • Coors Brewers, UK
  • Creswell Crags, UK
  • Empire Interactive, UK
  • Flicker Flacker Films, USA
  • Gondwana, Germany
  • Heugh Gun Battery, UK
  • Hewlett Packard, UK
  • Huntsman, UK
  • Jordans Cereals, UK
  • Making It, UK
  • Northmoor Trust, UK
  • Oxford Castle, UK
  • Pioneer, UK
  • Royal Armouries, UK
  • Royal Naval Museum, UK
  • Scotch Whiskey Heritage Centre, UK
  • Shaanxi Nat History Musuem, China
  • Spinnaker Tower, UK
  • St Hilda’s Parish Church, UK
  • St Mary’s Priory, UK
  • Standedge Tunnel, UK
  • Stowe House, UK
  • Summerlee Heritage Park, UK
  • The British Musuem, UK
  • The Deep, UK.
  • The Real Mary King’s Close, UK
  • TTE, UK
  • Whitby Abbey, UK