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Client: Attica Zoological Park, Greece

The brief for this short film was to visualise the event that is now referred to as the K-T Extinction. This event, some 65 million years ago, is strongly believed to be the most likely explanation as to why 70 percent of all species then living on Earth became extinct.

Client: The Deep, Hull, UK

The 'Holoshark' project consisted of an animated virtual reality display featuring the detailed internal physiology of a Grey Reef Shark. The 'Holoshark' is seen projected into space on a life-size 'holo-screen' resulting in the illusion of a shark floating in space.

Client: Summerlee Heritage Park, Coatbridge, UK

A project to establish how the Summerlee Iron works would have looked in its heyday. Elements produced included a realistic animated representation and a diagrammatic build-up of the various buildings and furnaces illustrating the layout of the site in the late 1800’s.

Client: Caesarea Development Corp, Caesarea, Israel

Working in conjunction with a small team on the telling of the history of Caesarea Maritima in Israel. This large-scale project involved the modelling and texturing of a large proportion of the buildings and all the characters and animals from several different time periods.

making it!, Mansfield, UK

A project to produce and animate a pair of characters for the high tech Discovery Centre in Mansfield. The role of the characters is to guide and entertain the visitors as they see and hear how previous generations had to work to earn a living in the factories of the past.

Empire Interactive, Newton Aycliffe, UK

Worked as one of a team of artists on the successful sequel computer game The Golf Pro 2. The role entailed sole responsibility for the accurate terrain modelling, texturing and lighting of holes 2, 11, 15 and 16 on the world famous Wentworth golf course in Surrey.

This page details a selection of some of the CG artwork and animations that have previously been produced.

Projects and or clients include the following:

  • Al-Muayjii Fort, Abu Dhabi
  • BAE Systems, UK
  • Beatles Experience, UK
  • Attica Zoological Park, Greece
  • BOC, UK
  • Caesarea Development Corp, Israel
  • Chemring, UK
  • Concorde Experience, UK
  • Coors Brewers, UK
  • Creswell Crags, UK
  • Empire Interactive, UK
  • Flicker Flacker Films, USA
  • Gondwana, Germany
  • Heugh Gun Battery, UK
  • Hewlett Packard, UK
  • Huntsman, UK
  • Jordans Cereals, UK
  • Making It, UK
  • Northmoor Trust, UK
  • Oxford Castle, UK
  • Pioneer, UK
  • Royal Armouries, UK
  • Royal Naval Museum, UK
  • Scotch Whiskey Heritage Centre, UK
  • Shaanxi Nat History Musuem, China
  • Spinnaker Tower, UK
  • St Hilda’s Parish Church, UK
  • St Mary’s Priory, UK
  • Standedge Tunnel, UK
  • Stowe House, UK
  • Summerlee Heritage Park, UK
  • The British Musuem, UK
  • The Deep, UK.
  • The Real Mary King’s Close, UK
  • TTE, UK
  • Whitby Abbey, UK