Welcome to Rumour 3D, the website of professional 3D artist and animator Philip Henderson. I specialise in the creation of 3D content which can include anything from conceptual visualisations and historic buildings, to the recreation of extinct creatures and animated characters. My highly detailed and thoroughly researched work has been used in video games, AV interactives, on panels in exhibitions and television commercials.

A small number of the projects/clients I have worked for include:

  • Al-Muayjii Fort, Abu Dhabi
  • Attica Zoological Park, Greece
  • BAE Systems, UK
  • Caesarea Development Corp, Israel
  • Continuum Attractions, UK
  • Coors Brewers Ltd, UK
  • Empire Interactive, UK
  • Eumar Technology, UK
  • Flicker Flacker Films, USA
  • Gondwana, Germany
  • Hewlett Packard, UK
  • Pilotwise International, UK
  • Pioneer, UK
  • Royal Armouries, UK
  • Royal Naval Museum, UK
  • Scotch Whiskey Heritage Centre, UK
  • Shaanxi Nat History Musuem, China
  • Spinnaker Tower, UK
  • The British Musuem, UK
  • The Deep, UK.
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